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Date EventLocationDetails
4-28-2017 04/28-5/01/2017 Foundation & Cow Working Chattanooga, TN Ben Eudy (828) 506-9497
5-12-2017 05/12-15/2017 Cow Working & Horsemanship Hartley, DE Hidden Meadows Farm Marisa Conti Marisa Conti (302) 535-9040
5-20-2017 05/20-23/2017 Quebec City, Canada Andre Hould
6-2-2017 6/2-5/2017 Foundation & Cow Working Urbana, IL Darren Woller (217) 202-6739
6-16-2017 06/16-19/2017 Steamboat, CO Aileen & Kent Sandstedt (970) 879-6201
6-23-2017 06/23-26/2017 Colt Starting & Horsemanship Blanding, Utah Nikki Safrit (435) 459-3600
7-7-2017 07/07-10/2017 Foundation & Cow Working Big Bear City, CA Suzanne Hodges (909) 855-9963
7-22-2017 07/22-25/2017 Foundation & Horsemanship Hagen, Germany Christina Middeldorf
7-29-2017 07/29-08/01/2017 SWITZERLAND Oftringen Sibylle Kloser +41 79 317 17 42 (mobile) +41 62 219 16 62 (Festnetz)
8-3-2017 08/03-06/2017 SWITZERLAND Oftringen Sibylle Kloser +41 79 317 17 42 (mobile) +41 62 219 16 62 (Festnetz)
8-11-2017 08/11-13/2017 Horsemanship & Cow Working 7P-Ranch Michelsneukirchen, Germany Karin Thümler: 0178-7871113
8-18-2017 08/18-21/2017 Foundation & Horsemanship Horse Camp Brandy Station Haiming (Burghausen) Barbara Wagner, Phone +49 174-4359134 email
8-25-2017 08/25-28/2017 Foundation & Horsemanship SWEDEN Skara Claudia Ledermann +46731008313 ,
9-1-2017 09/01-04/2017 Foundation & Horsemanship West Cork, IRELAND Jo Bishop 00353868692617
9-29-2017 09/29-10/02/2017 Glad Park-Grand Junction, CO Sandra Sims (970) 985-1377


Class Descriptions:
Colt Starting:
This class helps assist handlers and their young horses that may or may not have been worked with, through round pen work, halter and groundwork, saddling, and eventually riding in a snaffle bit. This is a great opportunity to start your horse right, or restart your horse from the very beginning. Learning to reestablish the connection you need from the very beginning. To help start you on the right path, or finding those areas that get in the way of your seasoned horse.

Foundation: This class is for all riders, from the veteran horse looking to polish their fundamentals to the greener horse or rider looking to do a little extra ground work, to the in between looking to expose their horses to ropes and flags from the ground, and get started in a foundation that can be built upon. Time will be split between groundwork and riding, focusing on the proper preparation and soft and suppleness needed to go on. If your advanced horse is lacking anything, it always comes back to the foundation and preparation.

Horsemanship: Riders who are looking for a better understanding of "riding" are introduced to many basic, but imperative, maneuvers to help free up their horses ability to move. All levels of riders - no matter what discipline - will benefit. Riders are encouraged to progress to additional maneuvers, as they are ready, throughout the class.

Cow Working: While not limited to experienced riders, cow working is a fun class in which riders get an opportunity to expose their green horses to cattle. More experienced horses are taught patience and refinement. As riders learn to read how a cow moves, tracking, blocking, sorting, and cutting are practiced in order to simulate real ranch-style work. From seasoned show horses to backyard trail horses, Paul's cow working class is proven to help riders progress, with fun and learning in mind.

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